These geckos are currently being held back and will possibly become future breeders

Gangplank - 1.0 Produced here on a breeder collab out of Fenrir x Anarchy(owned by Gexoltol)

Avalanche - 1.0 Purchased from The Gecko Garden out of Lightning x Kick (Scaredy Cat Geckos)

Glacier - Possible male - Produced by Beachside Geckos out of Teaspoon x Titan

Strudel - possible femaleProduced by Grim Geckos out of Jax x Delilah

Meatball - unsexed - Produced by The Gecko Garden out of Leelo x Gerdan (The Living Palette)

Toaster Oven - unsexed - Produced by Steel City Scales out of Oxalis x Gracchus

Microwave - unsexed - Produced by Steel City Scales out of Whimsy x Vanguard