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Anjanath-  Produced by All-Star Geckos out of Spock x Magnum's Gal 

Glacier-  Produced by Beachside Geckos out of Teaspoon x Titan

Avalanche Cookie-  Produced by The Gecko Garden out of Lightning x Kick(owned by Scaredy Cat Geckos)

Gwynbleidd-  Produced by Steel City Scales out of Furnace x Grimm


Wing Sauce- Produced by Steel City Scales out of Tanker x Eros

Waffle Cone- Produced by Hidden Valley Exotics out of Jericho x Pandora

French Toast Pancake- Produced by Steel City Scales out of Mahina x Eros

Rotten Banana- Produced by High Caliber Cresties out of Nuala x Thorgrim

Wander- Produced here out of Muninn x Ipos

Eevee- Produced by Pangea