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Anjanath-  Produced by All-Star Geckos out of Spock x Magnum's Gal 

Serendipity-  Produced by AJD Reptiles out of Bling x Ernie

Glacier-  Produced by Beachside Geckos out of Teaspoon x Titan

Toblerone-  Produced by L.A.C. Herps out of Yeti x Splitz

Avalanche-  Produced by The Gecko Garden out of Lightning x Kick(owned by Scaredy Cat Geckos)


Tastycake- Produced by Christie's Reptile Room out of Leppard x Kalahari

Hoonigan- Produced by Christie's Reptile Room out of Lyre x Finn

AURYN- Produced by Steel City Scales out of Tanker x Duke(owned by All-Star Geckos)

Rotten Banana- Produced by High Caliber Cresties out of Nuala x Thorgrim

Sunny Day- Produced by Tara Leigh's Cresties out of Zephyr x Zulu